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【Drink and Learn -Starter Edition】Sake 101 -Clean & Smooth Set-

【Drink and Learn -Starter Edition】Sake 101 -Clean & Smooth Set-

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【 Special sales to celebrate the renovation of our website 】

Our Clean & Smooth sake set is ideal for those who like refreshing and fruity drinks.

All three sakes go exceptionally well with light meals. They are perfect for people new to sake and those who prefer dry white wines, pilsner beers, and white ales.
Sake booklet is included.

If you wanna get the lowdown on sake basics, this one's for you! 

I'm clueless about how to pick sake or what makes different types different. I'm kinda into the idea of sake, but I'm in the dark about what it really is, so I'm holding back from giving it a shot.

But hey, this is the remedy for that. It's like a beginner's kit, so you can dive into the sake scene even if you're just getting started. And guess what? With the Sake 101 booklet in your grip, you can get to know sake better while you're sipping it. Need a fresh weekend plan? How about trying something new?

It's also a rad way to kick off conversations at the start of the week. You can drop your newfound sake wisdom on your pals and coworkers.

Booklet Contents

  • Brewing Process
  • Sake classification
  • Aroma of sake
  • How to taste sake
  • Cocktail recipes


  • Tasting & Local guide ×3

  • Sake 101 booklet -Clean & Smooth Ver-
    *You can add it or not.

  • Sake quiz
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