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Fragrant & Floral

Fragrant & Floral

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A Refreshing Sake with a Gentle Sweetness

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The fruity aroma, produced with flower yeast, is reminiscent of strawberries and apples. A gentle sweetness from the rice fills the mouth, and a well-balanced drinking experience can be enjoyed. It is a refreshing sake that is easy to drink with Western cuisine and can be enjoyed independently. It is a sake that can be confidently recommended to those not accustomed to drinking sake.

  • Producer: Amabuki Brewery, Saga Prefecture
  • Type: Fruity
  • Volume: 300 ml
  • Alcohol Content: 16%
  • Sake Rice: Yumeshizuku, Saga Prefecture
  • Flower Yeast: Oshiroibana
  • Ingredients: Rice (domestic), rice malt (domestic)
  • Rice Polishing Ratio: 50%
  • Category: Junmai Daiginjo

Food Pairing

Fragrant & Floral sake food pairing

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