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【Drink and Learn - Intermediate Edition】Meat Lover Set

【Drink and Learn - Intermediate Edition】Meat Lover Set

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【 Special sales to celebrate the renovation of our website 】

This set contains two different sake, perfect for pairing with barbeque and other meat dishes.
Sake booklet is included.

You're on the road to being a sake maestro if you mix up meat and sake! 

Picture this: sun-drenched days, juicy meat, and a glass of sake. And guess what? With the right skills, you can even nail the combo of meat and sake.

Sake's rice roots make it a natural pairing with rice- dishes. Think about sake as rice's buddy, and you'll find it surprisingly simple to pair with rice-centric meals. Teriyaki chicken, loco moco, risotto, and paella – they're all shining examples of meat and rice combos. You'd be amazed at how many dishes bring these two culinary buddies together.

Booklet Contents

  • Pairing Methods 1-4
  • Sake Column
  • Taste trends by region


  • Full-Bodied 
    goes well with hearty meats such as beef and lamb.
  • Tasting & Local guide ×3

  • Nigori set booklet 
    *You can add it or not.

  • Sake quiz
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