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【Drink and Learn - Intermediate Edition】Seafood Lover Set

【Drink and Learn - Intermediate Edition】Seafood Lover Set

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【 Special sales to celebrate the renovation of our website 】

The Seafood Lover Set brings you two unique sake perfect for pairing with sushi or grilled fish.
Sake booklet is included.

Master the game and discover pairings beyond sushi!  

Got a thing for fish dishes, but wondering if sake can tango with something other than sushi? If you're nodding, then you're in for a treat right here!

Japan's coastline is like a seafood treasure chest, and fish has been on the menu for ages. So, let's get one thing straight: the sake from this land isn't just locked into sushi – not by a long shot! Grilled fish? Check. Even shellfish? Yep, that too.

But here's the real kicker: sake's the chameleon of drinks, so it can groove with a wide range of flavors. Imagine the joy of discovering your very own dynamite sake pairings beyond the sushi realm. And guess what? A few ground rules will steer you right toward your match made in heaven. Time to dive in and find that winning combo!

Booklet Contents

  • Pairing Methods 1-4
  • Sake Column
  • Taste trends by region


  • Seafood Night (Rich & Cloudy)*
    goes well with sashimi, with a mild sweetness and clean aftertaste
  • Tasting & Local guide ×3

  • Pairing set booklet 
    *You can add it or not.

  • Sake quiz
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