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【Drink and Learn -Starter Edition】Sake 101 -Rich & Bold Set-

【Drink and Learn -Starter Edition】Sake 101 -Rich & Bold Set-

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【 Special sales to celebrate the renovation of our website 】

Our Rich & Bold sake set is recommended for those who like big-boned and nigori sake, perfect with meat and rich sauces.
Sake booklet is included.

The Hidden Magic Behind Great Taste.

Tiny living things, like microorganisms, play a big role in why some sake goes down silky while others are full-bodied – even if they're both categorized in "Sake". Brewing sake with these microorganisms has been happening way before science wrapped its head around it. Back in the day, folks might have aced handling stuff we can't see, better than we do now.

And nailing the right temp for your sake is a game-changer. You can enjoy it cozy warm or refreshingly chilled. Having sake over a whole temperature spectrum is a total win! Ever thought of diving into the mystique of microorganisms? Give it a shot!

    Booklet Contents

    • Brewing Process
    • How to make starter
    • What is Kimoto & Yamahai?
    • Glossary of sake
    • Range of temperature
    • Cocktail recipes


    • Full-Bodied
      is a delicious sake that can be enjoyed at any temperature.
    • Perfect Balance 
      lives up to its name by offering an exquisite balance of moderate taste notes and a sublime mouthfeel.
    • Seafood Night (Rich & Cloudy)*
      a darker nigori sake with taste notes reminiscent of delicious, premium rice.
      * The old label is still on sale with the old brand name.
    • Tasting & Local guide ×3

    • Sake 101 booklet -Clean & Smooth Ver-
      *You can add it or not.

    • Sake quiz
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