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【Drink and Learn - Nigori Edition】Cloudy Sake Set

【Drink and Learn - Nigori Edition】Cloudy Sake Set

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【 Special sales to celebrate the renovation of our website 】

Our popular Cloudy Sake Set lets you enjoy comparing two distinctly different nigori levels. 
Sake booklet is included.

Whiteness brimming with flavor – that's the deal.

You've got some sakes rocking a hint of cloudiness, while others go all-in with that over-half-cloudy, snowy appearance. Now, here's the kicker: this is a trait you won't spot in other drinks, and honestly, isn't it pretty darn intriguing?

This snowy charm packs a punch of rice-born deliciousness.  The white part that is usually removed remains in the sake. Depending on how much whiteness is left in the sake, the taste will be different from that of clear sake. There are several ways to preserve the nigori.

Booklet Contents

  • Brewing Process
  • About Nigori Sake
  • How to enjoy Nigori Sake
  • There are several ways to "filter"
  • What is sweet/dry sake?
  • Cocktail recipes


  • Light & Cloudy 
    a light nigori sake (sake that still contains rice solids that have not been fermented). Highly aromatic, this sake beautifully expresses the flavor and sweetness of the rice.
  • Seafood Night (Rich & Cloudy)*
    a darker nigori sake with taste notes reminiscent of delicious, premium rice.
    * The old label is still on sale with the old brand name.
  • Tasting & Local guide ×2

  • Nigori set booklet 
    *You can add it or not.

  • Sake quiz
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