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【10 years ago?】Aged & Spicy set

【10 years ago?】Aged & Spicy set

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【 Special sales to celebrate the renovation of our website 】

Aged up to 20 years!
Vintage sakes, local specialties and a sake booklet come together in this set.

Booklet Contents

  • What's vintage sake?
  • Type of vintage sake
  • How to enjoy vintage Sake
  • What's the local specialities?

Elegant, Spicy, and Aged to Perfection

This sake, aged for a minimum of ten years and blended with sake aged up to eighteen years, has an elegant, non-habitant flavor with a spicy note. It's an ideal match for buttery dishes and fatty meals — the two unite on the palate, enhancing each other's flavors. This is an experience you won't forget!
This time, local specialties will also be featured.

  • Producer: Kinmon Akita Brewery, Akita Prefecture
  • Type: Aged Sake
  • Volume: 300 ml
  • Alcohol Content: 18%
  • Sake Rice: Domestic
  • Ingredients: Rice (domestic), rice malt (domestic), brewing alcohol
  • Category: Aged sake

Food Pairings

Aged & Spicy sake — food pairings

Taste Notes

Serving Temperatures

Aged & Spicy sake — serving temperatures


  • Aged & Spicy - over 10 years aged sake -
  • Smoked Daikon Radish Pickles and cheese in oil
  • Tasting & Local guide
  • Vintage sake guide
  • Sake quiz
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