Setsu Niseko Hotel, Hokkaido, Japan

Tasting Event in Niseko, Hokkaido!


From Wednesday, February 15, to Thursday, February 16, we held our first sake-tasting event in the Niseko area of Hokkaido at the Setsu Niseko Hotel, which opened this winter! At the tasting, Niseko Shuzo, a local sake brewery, provided us with samples so we could enjoy local sake along with our own.

Setsu Niseko Hotel sake tasting event

The Niseko area is famous for its ski resorts, attracting many overseas tourists, especially during winter. Nearly 99% of those who participated in the tasting were from overseas.

Some had yet to try Japanese sake, and some drank some at Japanese restaurants. However, we also received many questions about sake, such as how sake is made and how to learn more about sake, as well as comments that sake was the best they had ever tasted.

Setsu Niseko Hotel sake tasting event

We felt that face-to-face conversations with the participants helped to increase their interest in sake, and we would like to continue to hold these events regularly.

We are currently in the process of rebranding our company. It was a very meaningful time for us to receive feedback on our new logo and label and reactions to our new service ideas.

We want to thank the Setsu Niseko Hotel and the Kucchan Community Development Cooperation Team for their assistance in making this event possible.

Thank you to everyone who participated and cooperated!

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